Local knowledge refutes Osama Bin Laden’s assassination

Curiously the AFP have begun to report news that local residents have stated that the raid was a fake, that it was impossible, and that Osama Bin Laden is still alive.  They have begun rallies at the location of the raid refuting the claims made by USA, with even local children as young as 4 joining in the laughter at the bare-faced implausibility of it all.

The world is surprised at the raid, the media are suprised, and even the Pakistani intelligence agency are surprised – now we’ve got locals who live a mere stone-throw away from the location of the supposed raid laughing and poking fun at the attempt to hood-wink everyone.  How long will it be before people start to relaise that the raid was a fake and that this is all merely propoganda?  It would seem that the AFP at least are already starting to wake up.


Why have the media air-brushed the compound?

It would seem that the spin about the location where Bin laden was apparently shot wants us to believe that the raid was on a “fortified compound“, clear evidence – supposedly – that this location was built for a fight, built to house someone important. The BBC even show us a nice shot from a satellite to show us how beefy the security looks.

But lets take a closer look here.  The BBC’s image was sourced from Google & GeoEye and is referenced as being from 2010 and shows quite a large number of buildings, walls and gates which would bolster the view that this was a building designed to house something important, something worth defending.  But when we took a look at the location as the news broke, a newer image from 2011 shows quite a different picture:

As you can see on the newer image on the right, the apparently “fortified compound” looks remarkably different – fewer buildings, fewer walls, fewer gates.  Where have the fortifications gone in the picture taken in 2011?  The only conclusion we can reach is that the image from the BBC has been manipulated.

But why has the media air-brushed the satellite images to make this compound look much more militarily orientated than it actually is?  Could it be because they are trying to cover-up the fact that this building is in fact a simple abode that has been – to use the political terminology – “sexed up” to make for a much more believable story?  After all, no one would believe that Osama Bin Laden would be living in an ordinary house…

Hitler & Bin Laden – 66 years to the day

The day that the world heard that an evil man is now dead – May 2nd 1945, sorry 2011.

You may be interested to know that, 66 yers ago to the very same damn day that Bin Laden’s “death” was announced to the world, so was Hitler’s.

This seems like a remarkable coincidence, particuarly when you consider that during Hitler’s death announcement, the USA had its 33rd president: 3 + 3 is 6, add 66 to that and you have the infamous symbol of the devil – and by extension evil – 666.

Pretty cute trick that The Man is trying to play with your sub-concious, don’t you think?

99.9% aint good enough

0.1 percent. Seems pretty tiny, right? Almost neglible you’ll agree. If I was a betting man (and I’m not), I’d not fancy those odds.

I am of course referring to the claim that Osama bin Laden’s body was identified to 99.9% certainty using DNA techniques.  The US authorities think that they have Osama bin Laden killed with 99.9% certainy, leaving a window of 0.1%.

But lets take a moment to think about that.  0.1 percent – or, one in a thousand.  I’ll repeat that – one in a thousand.  As of 2009 the World Bank’s World Development Indicators thought that the population of Pakistan was 169,708,300, or to think of it another way one hundred and sixty nine thousand, thousand people. 0.1% of the population of Pakistan is 169,708 people – thats a lot.

So, was that really Osama, or was it one of the 169,707 other people in Pakistan?

1 out of 169,707 is 0.000589%.  How certain can we really be?